About Us

Who We Are. C3 + 3

What is C3?

The Collaborative Computing Center (C3) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) provides a modern computing environment, hosting research collaborations and opportunities that would otherwise not be possible – a place where INL researchers, Idaho universities, and industry will explore computer modeling and simulation to enable a broad spectrum of scientific research. It’s a powerful statement emphasizing the importance of computing in modern science. C3’s collaborative space includes places for people to meet, work, and train; a datacenter facility with a “university row” for hosting INL and partner’s computer systems; and its facilitation as a hub for sharing computer code, best practices, and user training in computing.

What is +3?

The term “C3+3” refers to the INL C3 facility in explicit association with the three Idaho Research Universities – University of Idaho (UI), Boise State University (BSU), and Idaho State University (ISU). The institutions work together to advance collaborative research and state-wide academic cooperation, building upon the capabilities of each institution to create a state-wide ecosystem that advances controls systems cybersecurity and computing science in the areas of HPC.